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Straight Bevel Gear Generator

  1. GLEASON 12 Bevel Gear Generator

    Gleason 12 Bevel Gear Generator is used to make gears having conically shaped tooth bearing faces and intersecting two shafts at their axes. It is suitable for manufacturing straight, spiral, zerol, and hypoid types bevel gears that are utilized in power plants, rotorcraft drive systems, marine applications, and differential drives. This machine consists of countershaft brake assembly, tool gage, wrench assembly, drive pulley, and tool distance gage.
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  2. REVEX Bevel Gear Generator

    Revex Bevel Gear Generator is utilized to make special type of assembly that is required in cooling towers, railway tracks, inspection machines, printing presses, and automobiles. It produces gears that make it possible to change the operating angle as required and also provides mechanical advantage by increasing or decreasing the ratio of teeth between the drive & driven wheels. This machine is suitable to use ferrous, non-ferrous, and non-metallic materials for making gear.
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