Pillar Drilling Machine

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  1. SERMAC Coloum Drill And Taper Machine

    Sermac Coloum Drill And Taper Machine have a proper distance between column & spindle of 300mm & 830 mm of space between the base & spindle. It is utilized for boring holes in various types of processing objects having different shapes and structures. This machine is installed with a taper as its primary method of the attachment for tools. It is provided with a coolant tank, shut off valve, piping assembly, and a worktable.
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  2. Column Drill and Taper Machine

    Column Drill and Taper Machine is used to manually drill holes on wooden or metallic surfaces based on their size and design. It is also installed with a securing system for cutting tools or tool holders in spindle of the machine. This is a vertical type of drilling machine that consists of a table, belt pulleys & drive belt, belt tensioner, a rotary motor, and column. It has a wide throat depth for easy processing of workpiece.
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