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Gear Hob Sharpener


    HOB SHARPENING MACHINE.Make : KLINGELNBERG.Model : AGW 231.is in excellent working condition.
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  2. KLINGELNBERG Hob Sharpener

    Klingelnberg Hob Sharpener is used for finishing, shaping, and sharpening of hobs, shank, gear, & dish required in hobbing, cutting, and drilling machines. It is suitable for performing repetitive functions without any changes in the setup. This sharpener uses two spindles, one mounted with workpiece & other with the hob having a specific angle in between that is adjusted according to the workpiece. It is also ideal for working with involute gears, sprockets, and splines.
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  3. Klingelnberg Agw 30A Hob Sharpener

    24 Klingelnberg Agw 30A Hob Sharpener is required during manufacturing & re-shaping of gears, rotors, & other tools to make finished gear teeth with high precision. It is perfect for repetitive applications and eliminates the need of making any change in the setup. Longitudinal travel and grinding length of this machine is 500 Mm and 400 Mm respectively. It is completely suitable for straight & spiral gash hobs and spur gears as well.
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  4. REINECKER Hob Sharpener

    Reinecker Hob Sharpener is used for shaping & cutting worm, helical, involute, & spur gears, splines, sprockets, and ratchets as well. It uses two spindles mounted with workpiece & cutting tool having a specific angle in between required according to the type of workpiece. This machine removes the extra material from the uneven surface between the gear tooth to provide précised dimensional specification and perfect finish to the end product.
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