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Centerless Grinding Machine

  1. MICRON Centerless Grinding Machine

    Micron Centerless Grinding Machine consists of a work table, grinding wheel, servo motor, work rest, and a stationary wheel. It is utilized for removing extra & unwanted material from the surface of a workpiece to provide the desired shape and finish to the product. This machine works by a holding the processing material between two wheels, where one is grinding type and other is regulating. It is capable of producing many parts in short period of time with great precision.
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  2. HERMINGHAUSEN Centerless Grinder

    Herminghausen Centerless Grinder is required for shaping outside part of the workpiece by holding it between two wheels on a work rest. It cuts small chips from the surface of metallic or non-metallic product to provide it smooth finish and desired shape. This machine is generally utilized for making bolts, shafts, balls, and other circular or spherical assemblies required in automotive & vehicles. It works for shaping the outer diameter of an object.
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