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Bandsaw Machine

  1. DOALL TF Vertical Band Saw Machine

    Doall TF Vertical Band Saw Machine consists of a stationary vise jaw, coolant pump, motor assembly, saw band, fluid filter, and adjustable knob. It is utilized for cutting large workpieces including long pipes or bars into small parts of desired sizes for manufacturing of various products. Also called contour saw, this machine works by keeping blade’s path stationary and moving the processing object across it. It finds its application in construction, plumbing, and household appliances manufacturing industries.
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  2. KASTO Hacksaw Machine

    Kasto Hacksaw Machine generally operates by electric motor or a connected stationary engine and is utilized for cutting different objects up to specific depth. It is ideal for cutting circular of irregular materials with great precision. This machine produces smooth cutting surface & is installed in wood processing, metal, rubber, & plastic industries. Material to be cut is held by a machine vice which is tightened according to the thickness of workpiece and the heated blade works on that, with continuous feeding of coolant.
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